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Get your entire organization on the same page, and involved in your API strategy. Stoplight is the single point of truth for all of your web services.
You don't have to be technical to write first-class technical documentation. Use Stoplight's visual editors + markdown to create beautiful documentation, and then publish it with our hosted docs product.

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Use Stoplight Scenarios to quickly build robust test suites for your web services. Leverage your API design to do contract testing.

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Improve efficiency, and unblock your development teams by making sure frontend and backend developers are building to the same spec. Instant mock servers and contract testing ensure everybody is on the same page.

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Automate processes, and run tests, with Stoplight scenarios. Deploy and trigger those scenarios with a simple GET request, or run them from the command line with Prism.

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Reduce the time per ticket with better API debug tools. Support teams use Stoplight Scenarios to reproduce customer issues, and share these issues with engineering.

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Customers, from Startup to Enterprise, Stoplight

“Stoplight is not only helping me to do my job more efficiently, it is dead simple to use. It makes the delivery preparations steps of documenting the API easy, since the documentation was started before customer validation steps, and is updated throughout the process.”
“Our API documentation is better than ever and we have StopLight to thank for it. They've somehow managed to distill a very technical product into a simple, easy to use and beautiful tool.”
“I feel like it [stoplight] has the potential to shift the landscape pretty significantly, something I haven't seen any API service provider do in a while.”
“What I didn't anticipate was the increased alignment across all stakeholders due to Stoplight creating a focal point for API definition and documentation. My plan to meet the aggressive MVP deadline at Twyla was to begin hiring API developers and outsource design and front-end development. Stoplight allowed us to mock the API so that front-end development could proceed in parallel with API development, always ensuring everyone had realtime updates.”